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Video DSP

Grow your business with peak226 video DSP, the only DSP supporting video buying on CPM and CPV.

Peak DSP offers:

  • 100% transparency
  • Built-in security module
  • Integrations with external verification companies
  • Vast, Vpaid and In-banner video support
  • Connections in all media format (desktop, mobile web and in-app) to premium direct publishers, apps, and leading SSPs
  • Optimize campaigns to reach video KPIs with Peak226 Video DSP’s smart algorithm.

Video Exchange

Maximize proprietary supply and demand inventory with our white-label solution.

Peak end-to-end Video Exchange offers:

  • CPM or CPV campaign upload without risk
  • Prediction algorithm optimization for campaigns performance across publishers
  • Increased campaign reach with traffic buys from leading SSPs
  • Peak Video Exchange guarantees premium inventory by supporting private deals with other SSPs.


Peak supports video exchange with a transparent, secure and smart approach to media optimization. Make the best business decisions in real time by leveraging this comprehensive video advertising platform.


Peak video exchange provides a holistic view of audience, traffic sources and media channels.
Better targeting and segmentation can improve marketing ROI.

Security & Third Party Verification

Built-in security layers help maximize ad revenue and minimize spending on fraudulent or Not Human Traffic (NHT).


Powerful integrations with security and verification companies such as Protected Media, Forensic, and Fraudlogix protect brand, increase viewability, and amplify ROI


About Us

With 90 employees and offices in New York, Tel-Aviv and Beijing, Edge 226 is a leading provider of advanced ad tech solutions for today’s mobile advertisers, mobile agencies, mobile affiliate networks and video ad networks. Edge is the outcome of PLYmedia, a company with over a decade of experience in the ad tech industry.

Edge is led by industry veterans Avishay Raviv and Yoav Kirmayer who are Co-CEOs with Avishay based in New York and Yoav in Tel Aviv.

Edge was established to address the ever-changing challenges in the ad tech industry with a laser-focus on improving business results by making smarter, data-driven decisions. Our portfolio of solutions consists of Echo, Peak and Leverage.

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