Finance| Success Story

Fintonic Successfully Achieves Mobile Growth with Peak DSP



Founded in 2012, Fintonic, a growing personal finance app, has accumulated more than 900,000 active users in Spain, Chile and Mexico, enabling users to link their bank and card accounts for a better view of their finances. The app uses the financial data to build a credit profile and suggests tailored loan and insurance products from more than 40 providers.

Fintonic was looking for a trusted programmatic user acquisition partner to help them scale their active user base in Spain. 



Edge226 launched the campaign on its proprietary Peak DSP for user acquisition. Prior to launching, Fintonic provided performance data from past campaigns for the team to align on benchmark expectations and ensure the bank aggregation KPI targets are met.

After aligning on the KPIs, Edge226 mapped relevant post-install events in the platform for the optimization engine, combined with creative A/B testing and audience targeting, to achieve the following results:

  • Achieved aggressive CPA goal (cost-per-bank aggregation)

  • Leveraged Peak DSP's direct integrations with the world's leading SSPs

  • Provided full transparency down to the creative, app name, and SSP for 100% control of ad placement

  • Implemented creative A/B testing of various ad formats and sizes to ensure the most effective creatives were delivered & increase campaign performance

We are extremely impressed by Edge226's user acquisition programmatic DSP advanced optimization capabilities and that it is 100% transparent - allowing us to feel fully in control of our ad spend. Their team of professionals showed their deep industry knowledge, were extremely responsive and proactive at each step of the planning and buying process. We are happy with the results the campaign achieved and look forward to extending our partnership across other markets.

José Miguel Arcusa, Head of Growth Marketing