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The number of active Instagram users – 1 billion. 86.6% of people post in their stories. 300 million people consume Instagram stories daily.

For any app marketer, these numbers represent a ticket to increasing brand awareness, driving more high-quality customers, installs, and boosting ROI. The means? Instagram Story Ads – vertical ads that live within Instagram Stories; fit seamlessly with other content and take up all the screen space on your users’ mobile devices.

The challenge? The Instagram advertising world is jam-packed with hungry advertisers. So, what do you do to get your Instagram ads users’ undivided attention and to drive clicks?

Don’t go anywhere because we will give you 8 tips for creating Instagram Story Ads that will move users, amplify their full-screen experience on Instagram, and bring you more high-value customers. Let’s get started!

Instagram Story Ads Tip 1: Relevancy is Huge

Imagine a full-size Instagram Story Ad of your mobile app. Extremely powerful! Why? Partially because you only see Story Ads in the Instagram Stories of the people that you’re following. Automatically, people pay more attention to them, and there are no other distractions – no additional, irrelevant ads are being consumed.

Keep that in mind when creating Instagram Story Ads and do your best to design creatives relevant to the overall user experience on Instagram. Seeing ads that fall out of context all of a sudden (especially when a user is completely immersed in the story) is a bummer.

Instagram Story Ads Tip 2: Text Placement Matters

You can get super creative with your Instagram Story Ads, but there’s always a chance that users will get weary of sponsored ads. How can you avoid such an unfortunate turn of events? Text.

You have the control of steering users’ attention away from the “ad” tag at the top right corner by placing your main, short, to-the-point message in your ad. And we can’t stress this enough: being concise is key. Users don’t have any time to waste – and so shouldn’t you. When messaging is done right, Instagram Story Ads can deliver high engagement rates and boost app installs.

Let’s see how EasyJet did it with catchy text and imagery:

[Image source]

Instagram Story Tip 3: No Clutter at the Bottom

The bottom of the ad is home to your ad’s call-to-action, and that’s it! It shouldn’t get overcrowded down there. Your best bet is to avoid putting lots of details at the bottom of your ad as you risk overwhelm users and lose their attention – and we’re not only referring to text; colors play a vital role here as well.

A word of advice from Webpals Mobile’s experts: Use solid colors. If you have subtitles, make sure they appear high and don’t mix with your ad’s CTA.

Instagram Story Ads Tip 4: Rhythm is Going to Get You…Users

Let’s face it, Instagram Stories’ nature dictates users to move through them at the speed of light, and ads are no exception. Try going for a content piece that’s interactive and lets you create two-way communication with users. That way, you’ll be able to build and secure long-lasting relationships. According to Instagram, one out of five stories gets a direct message from its users.

Your best bet here is to keep things interesting, dynamic, and easy to digest. A short, punchy message together with speed will do the trick!

Have a look at this Instagram Story Ad from OpenTable:

Instagram Story Ads Tip 5: Video is a Big Hit

So, rhythm is everything – and what better way to get the rhythm going than video?

While your videos can be longer than 15 seconds now (although, in segments), to get the most optimal result try going for shorter videos. Remember, the shorter the video, the higher the chance that users will watch it till the end.

How many scenes to choose? Well, the limit is three when creating a carousel on Instagram. Facebook actually shared that shorter scenes (2.8 seconds/scene on average) drive better performance than longer scenes (4.1 seconds/scene on average).

And another thing, if you’re going with video for your Instagram Story Ad, remember that you can’t use any copy, titles, etc. – so make sure users clearly understand what your video is all about.

Look how Gap did it:

[Video source]

Why it works: Notice how the brand uses three screens (and that’s the limit for Instagram Ads when creating a carousel) to showcase its “Logo Remix” collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and rugby shirts – and there’s a reason for it. The first screen lets users know what the ad is all about; the second focuses on movement; the third displays a call-to-action.

Even though there are three screens, this Instagram Video Ad doesn’t overwhelm you, thanks to fast, constant movement and changing colors.

Here’s another successful example from Red Bull:

[Gif source]

Why it works: They captivate users with an exciting breakdance show.

Instagram Story Ads Tip 6: Your Brand at the Center

To put it simply, your Instagram Story Ads should have the look and feel of your mobile app and your overall style on Instagram. That’s the secret sauce for quick brand recognition. Think about everything: imagery, typography, music, colors, etc.

Here’s how HappySocks did it:

[Image Source]

Why it works: If you go to their Instagram account, you can see straight away how much these three ads are in line with their branding. Colors jump out at you like a happy dog, and many of the images you see on their Instagram features socks on a background which has similar colors as the socks – evident in the Story Ads too.

If you want to drive the best performance, your brand name should appear right from the start. It can be your account name or icon at the top left corner of your ad.

Here’s an example by Reed:

[Image Source]

Why it works: To make sure they get noticed, Reed places their logo right away. What’s more, their branding shines through the ad, thanks to smart use of color gradients.

Instagram Story Ads Tip 7: Perfect? Not Always

Instagram stories are all about, well…telling stories – and stories aren’t always perfect: not every story is polished to the last pixel. So, leverage it! Experiment with less formal and dazzling Story Ads, making users feel like they are part of an everyday, usual process.

By taking such an approach, you’ll make your story more accessible and authentic, which can lead to more seamless user experience and can translate into better performance for you.

This is what we mean:

[Gif source]

Why it works: Being real means being less sales-driven and more personal. It’s something that can help you stand out in the overcrowded platform of “polished” Story Ads.

Instagram Story Ads Tip 8: Sound On!

Did you know that 60% of Instagram Stories are viewed with the sound on? That’s another way to make your Instagram Story Ads more effective and engaging. It’s also a perfect opportunity for you to stir up emotions.

Just look at how a catchy tune can make a difference:

[Video source]

That’s it, folks! Now it’s time to capitalize on these creative Instagram Story Ad tricks and inspiring examples and reap the benefits of this hot ad format to drive phenomenal results.

If you want, we can help you with that! Let us jazz up your mobile app’s campaign performance using our professional know-how, creative analysis, remarkable campaign management, and optimization technology, exclusive data, and in-house creatives design.

Contact us!

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