Rampix User Acquisition 

Powerful tool that makes data-driven post-install optimizations in real time to ultimately boost ROI


Hub of Exclusive Audience Data

We index millions of unique data points to identify consumer behavior and buying patterns, creating rich user profiles and high-value audience segments so you can connect with mobile users on any platform.

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Deep Data Analysis 

Our optimization algorithms carefully monitor the entire conversion funnel – from an initial install to various post-install events, collecting large volumes of data to generate insights and draw conclusions. 

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Transparent & Intelligent Reporting

Every campaign we run for our partners is easily accessible via a centralized, highly visual and customizable campaign management dashboard. 

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Granular Targeting

To match between user’s intent, actions, and your app’s needs, our technology analyzes the preferences of highly segmented audience groups with surgical precision. It then targets analogous audiences across the web.

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Automated Optimization 

ROI-driven optimization and prediction engine can automatically decide on the best course of action and optimize bids at any level based on a cross-market analysis.

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Anti-Fraud Technology

Machine learning algorithms detect all types of mobile app-installs by reviewing vast amounts of campaign data and examining millions of click, install and post-install events to identify correlations and pick up on different fraud patterns. 

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